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Exclusive Report

Please Enjoy our Exclusive Report on Auri Footwear (AURI) and make sure to sign up to receive exclusive updates: Why Investing in Forbes Magazine’s 8th Most Promising Company Could Mean Substantial Returns!

This is more good news for investors in the company.

AURI Footwear present’s trend-right, ultra stylish silhouettes, crafted from rich Italian leathers with hand-stitched details, combined with performance engineering from the latest in material and design innovations.

Already worn by more than 500 entertainment industry insiders and celebrities, this ground breaking Laguna Beach-based fashion lab delivers NASA-grade materials, innovative performance technologies and suspension systems, with passionate and ultra tasteful style. property.

These are fashion-forward products that, for the first time, break the mold of equating beautiful shoes with an uncomfortable experience. AURI shoes are as comfortable gliding down a runway, as they are walking up Broadway.

We think this is AURI is the next big play in high fashion and right now you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. AURI Footwear’s most recent stock price is at only 67 cents competing in market with $150 Billion up for grabs!


A Real Tip On How To Buy Auri

By the way, here’s a secret traditional retailers may hate that I share with you.

If you’re hot to check out Auri shoes... or if you simply crave what is perhaps the most comfortable shoe you will ever own... go to

It has about 50 different styles of Auri footwear for sale... some are even at a very nice discount.

But, frankly, I did not write this report in order to get you to buy shoes...

Archeologists Discover 5,000-Year Old Lace-Up Shoes Had
Hard Leather Soles Similar To Today’s Old Standard

Now, I am not suggesting that Auri will claim 7% of the world’s $150 billion shoe market... or even 7% of the U.S.’s $50 billion market.

But as Apple builds the world’s fastest, safest and most stylish computers... Auri makes what could be the world’s most stylish and comfortable shoes.

And, like Apple... it’s Auri’s technology that gives it a breathtaking edge in the marketplace... and allows it to makes shoes that are trendy, chic and comfortable – all at the same time.

AURI’s Stock is Poised for a Breakout…Simply Put, It Has More Buzz than any Stock We Have Profiled in our History.
Fortune Favors the Bold and This Could Be a HUGE WINNER

Did You Miss Out On Buying Lululemon (NASDAQ:LULU) For $4.50 And Selling At $120.25?

How About Buying Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX) at $1.19 And Selling For $26.33?

Tell Me You At Least Bought Steve Madden (NASDAQ:SHOO) For $6.46 And Sold it around $40.22?

If You Didn’t Then PLEASE Don’t Miss the Boat AGAIN. These Returns Speak For Themselves!



Lululemon – 2,572%, Crocs – 2,112%, Steve Madden – 522%, Timberland – 300%, True Religion – 267%, Iconix Brands – 242%,
Wolverine Worldwide –
218%, Lacrosse Footwear – 104%




Under Amour – 550%, Brown Show Co. – 385%, Sketchers – 151%,  Kenneth Cole – 126%



The Past is Gone but, Today you can get a Second Chance to buy AURI, a great stock with a LuluLemon like buzz poised to skyrocket!

If you want to make money, you need to go where the money is. If you want to have a happy life you need to make the wife happy. If there’s one thing in every happy wife’s closet... it’s a GIANT PILE OF SHOES!


Auri Prepares for Strong Demand in Fall 2011

On Wednesday July 27, 2011, Auri Inc Reported on Demand Forecast

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., July 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Auri, Inc., (OTCBB:AURI.ob - News), today announced its full fall 2011 collection, including 25 men's and 23 women's styles, respectively. The fall 2011 products will be available starting in August at approximately 120 retail locations including Fred Segal, Rubenstein Brothers, The Tannery, and Gary's.

"We are very excited about our fall 2011 lineup," said Ori Rosenbaum, Chief Executive Officer of Auri, Inc. "The breadth and depth of this collection is the best I have seen in our Company's history. We are leveraging the success we had in the first half of this year to create even more excitement around our women's collection. We believe the combination of great styles and unmatched comfort will expand our sales and brand in this large and growing category. A new marketing campaign and appearances at five trade shows this summer will produce additional positive momentum."

Auri's women's fall collection incorporates the season's hottest trends, including vintage styles and weatherized looks.  Consisting of flats, fashion pumps, platform heels and numerous boots including ankle boots, mid-calf boots and a classic riding boot, all styles are crafted from Italian leather including rich suede and embossed patent. The collection's color selection consists of seasonal fall shades including reds, browns, fawn and metallic bronze.  Retail prices range from $145-$425.

The men's collection features a diverse lineup of casual, dress, and sports footwear. The leather collection incorporates rich tone leathers that are highly polished or burnished to create a hand-crafted finish.  The men's sport collection features tailored styles for a clean fit while the dress collection incorporates classic styling with a contemporary twist. The entire men's assortment utilizes Outlast® temperature regulating linings throughout the shoe.  Retail prices for the men's line range from $150-$285.


Here's what a jump like CROX's would mean for you...$10,000 in Auri Inc. today would turn into $211,200 in 26 months... $5,000 would become $105,600. Who would have thought an Auri shoe might pay for your kid to walk at graduation? No Pun Intended.

AURI’s Bright Future Is Clear

Though, you should know this... my crystal ball is pretty darn clear.

It is what led The Wall Street Journal to write that I have an uncanny knack for discovering companies... “that fly below the radar screens of most Wall Street analysts,” and that I “Dig up information on companies
Wall Street can’t be bothered with.”

And, its what led USA Today to say that I... “Predicted one stock
winner after another.”

And, its why our Carpenter Global Stock Advisory’s current open positions include solid gains of 801%... 145%... 328%... 115%... 79%... 136%... 321%... 81%... 411%...191%... 224%... 414%... along with a slew of 30% to 75% winners!

Run With A Winner
Buy Auri Inc. Today

FORBES MAGAZINE, ranked Auri Inc. as America's 8th MOST PROMISING COMPANY!

Is Auri Footwear The New Industry Standard?

AURI has three registered and three pending patents. It is this use of advanced technology that allows the Auri brand to set itself apart from the rest of its industry. Auri’s advanced technologies include: 

Active suspension systems in its shoes... you've never seen this before... the systems allow feet to maintain their natural shape (not get all compressed as with old fashioned footbeds) and this allows the feet to maintain their natural shape and integrity while in the shoe.

Compression control and anti-fatigue removable multi-density anatomical footbeds. These are made of form-fitting-space age polymers... basically, this is a combination of a gel cushion and a memory foam that cradles feet like a bucket seat in a high-performance sedan.

Outlast® temperature regulated linings. The company has a license to use Outlast®. It's a patented material that was originally developed for NASA spacesuits. It helps to regulate temperatures and keeps feet cool and dry all day long.

Again, when you merge all this technology with butter-soft Italian leather and trend-setting style, you can see how Auri Inc. could be on the verge of quickly claiming a significant segment of the fashion shoe sector.

Getting In Now On One Hot, Promising Company in a Breakout Industry Could Line You Up For Unprecedented Gains!

Dear Investors,

Shoes may be the hottest stock market sector. Even as the economy suffers... even as millions are unemployed... shoe stocks have blossomed.

Imagine, the worst you'd likely have done in shoes was to double your money in a bit more than 2 years... the best you could have done was a 25X gain, which would have turned $4,000 into $100,000.

That's not a guess or a hope. It is reality. And it all happened during the worst economy of our lifetimes.

This is why you must pay immediate attention to an exciting new company in the fashion shoe industry... Auri Inc. (AURI).

There's Real A Difference Between Patent-Pending... And Actually Owning A Patent... And, Auri OWNS THE PATENT On A New Form Of Shoe Structure

The new technology is the product of the imagination of Auri's CEO... a man with a tremendous knack for success... and a man you'll meet in a moment.

But the thing you need to know most about Auri shoes is that they could, quite possibly, be the world's most comfortable shoe...

As such, Auri's market is limitless... allowing, for the first time, seniors to wear comfortable shoes that are also fashionable...

Baby boomers to wear fashionable shoes that are also comfortable...

And, movie stars, such as the ones pictured on the cover of the May 29th PARADE Magazine... simply to wear a damn good shoe... one that looks stylishly trend setting... which is what image is all about!

We had our research team do a special assignment and look at the consumer reviews on and They compiled a list of real people who purchased shoes from Auri Footwear. Well the Results are in and people just seem to love the heck out of theirnew shoes!

Auri Men’s Gigolo Double Core Pull On Boot

Is Auri Gigolo an Italian designer?


Posted by:  LR (Western Montana) Jan 3, 2011

I assumed he was until my wife set me straight. I bought these because I was searching for a pair of boots that I reminisced about from my high school days that were made by a company named Balboa Faust. These were as close as I could come. They are exceptionally soft, flexible and light. I live in the mountains of western Montana and the added height is a plus in winter.


Auri Men’s Sanuk Fault Line Thong Sandal


If you aren’t a "sandal" wearer you have to try these

By   "Copter Medic" (Savannah Ga) March 9, 2011

I was never a flip flop wearer but I tried the Sanuk "fraid so" style and that was the end of that. The way these "sandals" conform and support your foot is amazing. I havent tried the shoes yet but have been told that they are awesome too. The "Fault line" sandals are very soft on the top and are so comfy. The toe tab is the normal killer for me is not an issue with either style. I have never had an issue with them. You will really like these flip flops

Auri Women's Chloe Ballet Flat

Great Shoe, Runs Small


posted by:  Katy (New York City) Oct 24, 2010

I was really impressed by this shoe! I am in the market for a versatile brown flat that could be dressed up or down. This shoe fits the bill perfectly! It's got a great style, but the most impressive thing about the shoe is the fit! It hugs the foot perfectly and is delightfully cushy on the bottom. Not to mention the super cute sole (see pics)!! The shoe seemed really well made. Unfortunately, it runs quite small. Order a size up, if possible, if not, don't bother purchasing your usual size (as I did). It won't fit and you'll have the heartbreaking job of returning a shoe you're in love!

Auri Women’s Jamie Flat

Really Cute


posted by:  HappyDaze (Idaho) Jul 10, 2010

This shoe is really cute and fits great.

Auri Men’s Heff Sherling Lined Slipper

Cozy shoes

By fredC July 23, 2011

These slippers from Auri are great for around the house. They fit very well and do not look too much like old men shoes. They are really warm too. My house has hard wood floors downstairs so sometimes it gets kind of chilly to walk on bare foot in the mornings or late at night. These will be really good for when it gets to be winter too. I like them a lot


Auri Women’s Renea Fashion Sneaker

Cute and playful

posted by:  walkinstyle (Charlotte)  Apr 16, 2011

I love the look of these shoes (got them in two colors) and tend to get lots of compliments when I wear them. The only down-side I've discovered is that the toe box is more narrow than I would like.

Auri Women’s Celeste Fashion Sneaker

Beautiful shoe

posted by:  Q. Shang (MA United States) May 10, 2011

I bought the white ones on sale, they are fantastic. Very unique and stylish, and super comfortable. Although white, they don't make my feet look huge. Walking around all day in them is no problem but they are slip-on rather than lace-up so may not work so well for exercise, but that's a very minor concern.

AURI's first widespread recognition came when it sold shoes at both The Walking Company and Fred Segal.

Now, I am sure you've heard of The Walking Company... it sells comfortable shoes for... walking and hiking...

The main focus at The Walking Company is comfort...

Get In On The BUZZ Now...
Cash Out What Could Be Huge Gains Later

But, there is another major factor that could drive a huge leap in Auri’s share price.

The company, along with the rest of the high-fashion shoe industry, is set to unveil its 2012 line of shoes in August... just a couple weeks from now.

And, to make sure it could dominate the industry buzz... Auri has engaged one of the world’s great advertising men to manage its image and brand.

The man is Piet van Praag. He is President of M2 Studios in San Francisco.

Mr. van Praag’s specialty is creating brand recognition... he’s done it for some of the most relevant and powerful companies and products worldwide.

He has created game changing campaigns for the likes of Jaguar, Lexus and Nissan... as well as award-winning campaigns for Listerine, Schick, Daewoo, Levi's, Fox NFL Football, Sega, and

But you likely will recognize his most famous work in the recent Taco Bell ad campaign... for Mr. van Praag was the integral person in the development of the highly effective "Think Outside the Bun" brand mantra for Taco Bell. It resulted in a 10% increase in global sales.

By the way, Mr. van Praag was also the key man in the development of Staple’s “EASY” button.

Of Auri Inc. – and its potential as a worldwide brand – Mr. van Praage said, “This is going to be one of the great ones. There is so much to leverage from a branding perspective. You rarely see such a dedicated and passionate team behind such an innovative and relevant product offering.”

This Is The Way An Early-Stage
Business Should Be Run

Now think about it... most early-stage companies have great products or ideas... but when is the last time you saw a young company with the kind of advertising power that Auri Inc. has lined up...

Just two come to mind... Apple Inc. and two companies that have rocketed nearly 5,000% and 3,500% in less than a decade... and in any type of economy.

That is the power of a well-made, high-demand and well-executed product... it is also testimony to the fact that powerful advertising and branding can drive share prices.

It’s why Auri Inc.’s low-priced shares – a less than $1 – could be destined for a fast 10X run to $6.39 in the near term and much, much higher after that.

Trend Setters Are Hot For Auri Shoes too and Fred Segal's, however, is another story when compared to The Walking Company..

Fred Segal is located in Beverly Hills, CA... on Melrose Ave... in the heart of an ultra-chic shopping district.

Reportedly, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, David Schwimmer and Lara Flynn Boyle were all spotted at Fred Segal on the same day. (But not together)

Winona Ryder, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Salma Hayek, Meg Ryan, George Clooney, Bette Midler, Samuel L. Jackson, the late Farah Fawcett, Rod Stewart, Chris Rock, Rachel Hunter, Nicole Kidman, Clare Danes, Jerry O'Connell and Madonna are just a few of the other Hollywood crowd who are known to shop there, too.

So, what you have in Auri footwear may be the perfect shoes... ones grandma and grandpa want to buy at The Walking Company... and ones George Clooney and Sandra Bullock might want to buy in Beverly Hills because Auri shoes are chic and comfortable.

This is also why you can buy Auri shoes across the U.S. in places such as Nordstrom... or even in Las Vegas at those tiny shops in high-end casinos such as Bellagio, Ceasar's Palace, the MGM, the Venetian and the Mirage.

In fact, when you visit the Auri footwear website, you'll be impressed by the huge number of department stores, shoe stores and boutique in which you can find Auri shoes from coast to coast.

And, as you know, the companies that reward you with that level of significant returns are companies that shake up the marketplace with tremendous new products!

Could Auri Have the Same Kind of Success in Shoes that Apple had in Computers?

Just look at Apple Inc... it commands barely 7% of the computer market, yet in less than a decade its shares have flown from about $7 to more than $350... nearly 5,000%... all on being first into the market with cutting-edge products like the world had yet to see.

As you may know, Apple's products are called
disruptive technologies... because they are so advanced, so effective and different that they really don't have any natural competitors in the marketplace.

We aren’t saying this is the next Apple but what I am convinced you have with
Auri Inc., is a product that is second to none, huge distribution channels and significant potential to reap massive returns.

Now, we are not suggesting that Auri will claim 7% of the world's $150 billion shoe market... or even 7% of the U.S.'s $50 billion market.

But as Apple builds the world's fastest, safest and most stylish computers... Auri makes what could be the world's most stylish and comfortable shoes.

And, like Apple... it's Auri's technology that gives it a breathtaking edge in the marketplace... and allows it to makes shoes that are trendy, chic and comfortable – all at the same time.


You need to position yourself now with AURI's low-priced shares... Auri is a dynamic company that looks set to go on a big-time run... with the true potential for its shares to fly in the very near term.  

But, there is another major factor that could drive a huge leap in Auri's share price.

The company, along with the rest of the high-fashion shoe industry, is set to unveil its 2012 line of shoes in August... just a couple weeks from now.

CRITICAL UPDATE: AURI secures Piet van Praag of M2 Studios to manage ad campaign

Auri has engaged Piet van Praag, President of M2 Studios in San Mr. van Praag is one of the world’s foremost advertising men and his firm is responsible for ensuring that Auri dominates the industry buzz. Given his reputation and track record of success it is logical to assume demand will skyrocket from his creative and memorable track record!

Mr. van Praag's specialty is creating brand recognition... he's done it for some of the most relevant and powerful companies and products worldwide.

He has created game changing campaigns for the likes of Jaguar, Lexus and Nissan... as well as award-winning campaigns for Listerine, Schick, Daewoo, Levi's, Fox NFL Football, Sega, and

But you likely will recognize his most famous work in the recent Taco Bell ad campaign... for Mr. van Praag was the integral person in the development of the highly effective "Think Outside the Bun" brand mantra for Taco Bell. It resulted in an estimated 10% increase in global sales.

By the way, Mr. van Praag was also the key man in the development of Staple's "
EASY" button.

Now think about it... most early-stage companies have great products or ideas... but when is the last time you saw a young company with the kind of advertising power that
Auri Inc. has lined up...

The fact is the power of a well-made, high-demand, well-executed product, with powerful advertising and branding can drive share prices.

President & CEO-  Ori Rosenbaum founded a consultancy that managed major projects for key clients, including Apple Computers, Toyota, Hewlett Packard and Oakley. He also branched out into branding and marketing, from conceptualization, to presentation and production, creating marketing collateral for brands including Jaguar and The Trump Organization.

AURI's revenues were up 188% last year and demand is forecast to increase. 5 reasons we agree:

    It's set to roll out its brand new, trendy 2012 line in August,  just a couple weeks from now.


    Because all of Auri's major exposure came while it was still privately held, the August launch of its 2012 shoe line should make some decent news... and serve as a reminder to Wall Street of all the good press Auri received before it was publicly traded.


    Having Piet van Praag and his M2 Studios as its ad agency will also set some tongues a wagging on Wall Street... my guess is some drooling too.


    AURI got its shoes into gift bags given to presenters at the Screen Actor's Guild and Grammy Awards. Since they already have a celebrity following we think this is their MEGA BREAKOUT YEAR.


    As a brand new company, AURI landed on shelves at Fred Segal, Nordstrom and high-end casinos in Las Vegas... and now has shoes sold in stores across the U.S. With some brand recognition and a network of distribution the sky is the limit.



Get Into AURI now...Before The Action Begins

All this will start the BUZZ rolling... and, as you know, Wall Street and the financial media love BUZZ... they live for hot growth stories from all-American companies.

This is why we believe that short term... AURI's shares can double!

AURI's Bright Future Is Clear

Run With A Winner and buy AURI while in it's is early stage... let's recap...

•    It has an Apple Inc. kind of
BUZZ around it.
•    It has a
disruptive technology.
•    It has a different and new product that is both beautiful and functional.
•    It owns its
•    It has dynamic leadership with a great work ethic.
•    It has growing cachet among
AURI hired one of the world's great branding and advertising geniuses.
It is a socially responsible and charitable organization with huge potential

Auri is committed to growth and expanding shareholder value.

Today we asked you if missed out on buying Lululemon (NASDAQ:LULU) For $4.50 And Selling At $120.25?

Next year when we ask “Did you buy Auri Footwear Inc. (AURI) For $0.67 and sell it for…

So, in the end, you have a choice... miss AURI at right around 67 cents or...

bet against us... bet against what The Wall Street Journal and USA Today... bet against Forbes Magazine, The Washington Post, PARADE and The Wall Street Reporter... bet against Auri Inc.

We think AURI will be an absolute animal going forward and we think now is the time to get involved in this great company.  Forbes is not wrong too often, and neither are we.  So get ready tomorrow morning, because AURI is about to ROCK!

As Always, do your own due diligence, use stop losses and never invest more than you can afford to lose!

Good Luck and Happy Trading!


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